Epic Spontaneity

Another Random

Ever look back on something and think ‘Gosh I can’t believe I actually did that, but I’m so glad I did’? I’ve found myself saying this quite a bit lately. For the most part I’m a planner. I pay attention to the details and I try to follow the itinerary down to the minute. However, every now and I then I allow myself to break free and just live. It has been during those moments that I’ve realize that spontaneity can produce epic moments. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had the privilege of going on some incredible planned adventures. But what I’ve found is, as great as those moments were, as much fun as I had, they pale in comparison to the moments that happened without a bit of planning. The moments that happened with a phone call that started with “hey you should” and ended with me saying “hey why not.” Those are the moments that stick out the most. Those are the moments that really took my breath away and left me speechless; those are the moments that I replay when I need a pick me up. Those are the moments. The moments where I didn’t have time to think, plan or second guess. The moments in which I was forced to provide a “yes” or “no” right on the spot. The moments where I was forced to just jump off the cliff and hoped I didn’t drown. The moments that started with me saying “OMG I can’t believe I’m actually doing this” and ended with me saying “OMG I can’t believe I actually did that.” I now live for those moments.

It’s always hard when an adventure is over. However, I’ve found that the ending of the spontaneous ones have been even more difficult. On a planned vacation you know the arrival and departure times. You know when you have to check out of the hotel. You know when you have to go back to work… you know and you have time to mentally prepare. But when it’s spontaneous, as fast as you’re lifted to the fantasy world, you crash back to reality just as quickly. You go from a 10 to a negative 5. You almost feel like you’re Bipolar. You’re not sure if you should cry because it ended or laugh that you pulled it off and that it worked out. You want to be mad that you’ve been awaken from your dream yet you find yourself smiling at just the thought of it. You find yourself trying to remember every single detail, just so you can replay it in your head, and then you get frustrated when you forget something. You literally feel crazy…yet you can’t wait until the next spontaneous adventure presents itself. This is exactly where I’m finding myself…sitting at work dosing, shaking my head, smiling, waiting on the next spontaneous adventure.



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