Lights Out!

Well the marathon updates are over. Thanks for reading and commenting. Although I didn’t approve any of the comments for public view, I definitely read and appreciate them. Some of you are hilarious. I found myself literally laughing out loud several times. Those of you that know me know I’m not one for really sharing how I feel. So I’m happy I was challenged to do this. It definitely forced me out of my comfort zone. I hate feeling open and vulnerable and I hate it even more when my openness and vulnerability are misunderstood; so it was nice to feel understood. However, it’s time for me to go on another hiatus. I have to stop myself from writing, as writing forces me to acknowledge things that I’d rather ignore. It forces me to tap into a place that I’d rather not tap into and think about things that ultimately don’t matter. So I’m putting the pen down for a while. I’ve enjoyed sharing some of my thoughts with you. It’s funny how even those of you that I’ve never met, have told me that prior to this week you thought I was nonchalant. Don’t worry, I am and she’ll be back. I can hear some of you now…It’s NOT like that. This is in no way, shape, form or fashion negative. I’m good! I’m always good! *cue Pharrell* HAPPY! I just need to hit the lights for a few!


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