Day 10: Crystal Cogdell

Crystal Codgell; 

Thank you for your kind and encouraging email. I don’t think we’ve ever met and honestly if I saw you, I wouldn’t know who you were, but you have to know how much your words touched me. It was April 25, 2012. I was in the midstof preparing for my 5th and final dance celebration. My emotions were all over the place. I knew I was making the right decision by stepping down, but it was hard leaving something that had become a vital part of my life. I had given them a year’s notice, but I was still worried about the change and leaving the girls. Then, I got your email. I literally sat at my desk and cried as I read your beautiful words; you said, among other things, “Your girls are going to be ok because your life is an example to them…” Thank you for that. Thank you for being obedient and showing love to a stranger. Thank you for going through whatever you had to go through to get my email address and taking the time to encourage, support and pray for me. 

I remember walking up to a woman after the dance celebration hugging her while asking if her name was Crystal. A little awkward, when she smiled and said “no, sorry”, but we were in a church setting so I guess I got a pass LOL. Thank you! I’m not sure where this journey called life has taken you, but I pray wherever you are, you’re blessed beyond belief. 

God Bless

Rachelle Danielle


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