Day 11: Aroma Snelling

I have to be honest and say this one is probably the hardest so far to write. Not because you don’t deserve the thanks, but because the lessons learned have been great but tough and sometimes it’s hard to be thankful for the tough lessons. But I am…well at least now I am…and I thank you. LOL
Thank you for taking me under your wings and helping mold me into the Christian I am today. I know I fought you tooth and nail but you never gave up on me and for that, I thank you. I remember you forcing me to pray aloud, in high school… I hated it. I felt like my prayers were between me and God. However, you would always say, “you never know when you’re going to have to lead a prayer” and you were right. It was my senior year in college; the dance group had traveled to Norfolk VA for the black college dance exchange. I walked into the bathroom and I heard a girl crying. I asked if she was okay and she began to cry more. She said her grandfather had just died and he was the one that raised her. She then asked me to pray for her. I said “okay” gave her a hug and got up to walk away. She grabbed my hands and bowed her head. I immediately began to pray with her. I felt comfortable because you tortured, I mean taught me how to pray publicly. Lol? No but seriously, I can’t imagine having being placed in that situation without your guidance. We probably would have just been in the bathroom holding hands, waiting on the other to start. So Thank You!

Thank you for setting the standard of how a ministry leader should be. People always complimented me on my leadership ability as it related to the dance ministry. They always told me how excellent it was and how I set the bar. Little did they know you set the bar! You taught me “excellence without excuse”. I hated the lectures and feeling like I had to fight to get the smallest thing accomplished, but it taught me work ethic. It taught me excellence. It taught me that God deserved my best and if it meant having to redo something, then that’s what needed to happen. I can honestly say I’ve carried that mindset over into other areas of my life. I find myself checking and double-checking to make sure it is not only up to par, but it is exceptional. So thank you!

Thank you for teaching me loyalty. I was raised to believe that right is right and wrong is wrong, no matter who they are to you. While that concept is true, you taught me that sometimes although someone is wrong, you have to look at his or her intentions. I think this has been the toughest lesson for me to learn. I often times would complain to you about something and I would want you to take my side, to understand where I was coming from. But you would always talk about the persons character and knowing their intentions. If I’m honest it used to make me livid, like seriously! LOL But I get it now. Thank You!

I feel like this post is getting a little lengthy, so I’ll end with this. Thank you for being you. Thank you for teaching me even when I didn’t want to be taught. Thank you for knowing when I need pushing and when to back off. Thank you for never holding back when it comes to what’s right. Thank you for your love and loyalty. Thank you for not allowing me to leave the first time I wanted to and for still supporting me when I did decide to leave. I know you have one of the toughest jobs and you get it from all ends, but thank you for always being a listening ear and a prayer warrior. 

Love Always

PS- Who got the ashes?!?!💙💙💙

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