Day 12: JD Clement Early College Dance Team

My second group of babies, but I love you just the same! Thank you for allowing me to be one of your very first dance instructors. I was a sophomore at NCCU and I was looking for something fun to do to meet my community service graduation requirements. I ran into Mrs. Locas at church and the rest is history! 😜 You ladies really kept me on my toes. It was such an honor to work with you. If I’m honest, seeing you ladies as college graduates, wives, mothers, ministers and business women has me feeling super old, but extremely proud!

You all played a pivotal role in my collegiate life. It was one thing to have my girls in Raleigh…it was completely different having you, right there on campus with me. Ahhhhhh the pressure LOL. I could semi cheat with my girls in Raleigh, but not you, you were right there, and you weren’t afraid to call me out. There were so many times that I was about to make a stupid mistake but then I’d think about you girls, excuse me young women, and I’d quickly come to my senses. I hope I set the right example for you. Do know that I was (and still am) far from perfect, but my goal was to not only teach you dance, but to be one of the positive role models in your life.

I truly enjoyed teaching you and I looked forward to seeing you all on Monday and Wednesday afternoons. I literally planned my class schedule around you. From me missing the practices leading up to your first dance recital because I was visiting to my dad, to crying my eyes out as you all danced to “Hero” for Mrs. Locas (Lucas) and Ms Creedle at your last. From practices in the auditorium of the School of Education to practices in the cafeteria of your very “own” school in the old math building. From 9th graders ready to face to world, to graduates conquering this thing called life. It has truly been an honor to watch and cheer for you. Do know that I’m only a phone call (yes, I have the same number from college) or message away. No matter what school you decided to go to, remember you were an Eagle first and you know what they say about Eagles?!? “The Eagle is no common ordinary barn yard fowl” Which means you young women were destined to live extraordinary lives.

I would try to name you all, but see, the way my memory is set up LOL

Love Always

PS- Thanks to Dr. King, Mrs. Locas and Ms. Creedle for allowing me to teach your students 🙂

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