To Each Her Own Slay!

Why are you so dressed up? Why do you always wear heals? Do you ever wear the same thing twice? Where do you think you are going? All of which I am asked at least once a week. I’m a woman that enjoys to dress up. I take pleasure in looking dolled up, even on my worse day. I battled migraines for the longest, and I never wanted to look like I didn’t feel well, even when I didn’t really feel well. Therefore, yes, I’m the woman that will dress up the most basic outfit with heels and a pair of pearls. Sue me. No, it is not for everyone, I get that, however let me do me; don’t try to dull my shine. Don’t try to keep me in your claustrophobic box. Let me slay the way I choose to slay.  

I remember when my friend Monisha was battling cancer and had to go to chemotherapy. She made it a point to dress up for her appointments. She was always asked, “why are you so dressed up just for chemo?” Her response was “You don’t show up for a fight, looking like a loser.” She chose to fight cancer, the way she’s fought every other battle, looking fierce. We have to let people do what works for them. For her, she felt her best, when she looked her best and her best included a beat face and stilettos. Perhaps that’s not what you would have chosen to wear to go sit for 4 hours of chemo, but she slayed, the way she chose to slay. To each her own slay! 

Your slay may be sweat pants, Jordan’s and a white tee. To be quite honest, I’m the girl that will trip over my feet when I try to walk in sneakers. Crazy, I know, but something about them really throws my strut completely off. I think they’re dope and I see women killing the game in them all the time. However, that’s not a swag I possess. To each her own slay. Your slay may be head wraps, bold red lips and bamboo earrings. I love it, but not for me. As I stated, I use to deal with migraines, so I stay away from head wraps or anything else that keeps my head confined. It just doesn’t work for me. Again, love the style, but that’s not a swag I possess. I wish I had the confidence to pull off a cute crop top with a high waisted skirt or the messy bun look. Love them, both but they don’t work for me. To each her own slay.

Who am I to turn up my nose or look down on you because that’s not my slay? Who am I to question what attire you choose to slay in? I get it, there’s a time and place for everything. I’m not going hiking in 4inch stilettos or walking my dog in a floor length gown. However, if I choose to wear pearls and a blazer with my dress on Monday or heels with my jeans on casual Friday, let me do me and slay how I slay. Let me dress up, or down my appearance how and when I see fit. Don’t try to conform me to your standard formation. When Beyoncé said “come on ladies, now let’s get in formation.” I’m sure she didn’t mean be a cookie cuter image of what you see. I think she meant step up your game and live out your dreams (whatever they may be) like she’s living out hers in the manner in which you deem most appropriate. To each her own slay! 


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