Beyond Disgusted

For the past week I’ve been holding myself back from writing. I don’t like to judge or “go in” on people without all the facts but today was the last straw. I’m so sick and tired of these pervs messing with these little kids. First it was the whole Shaniya Davis incident which disgusted me beyond measure. Seriously, I can’t even really write about it. In order to write about something you have to be able to comprehend it and that’s not something I think I’ll ever be able to comprehend. I’ve never been one that supported the death penalty but I would like to see both her mother and the perv that “kidnapped” her put in front of the firing squad. I mean how can the very woman that was supposed to protect you be the one that puts you in harms way…I can’t do anything but shake my head. I’m not a mother, and I don’t know the day to day stress and pressure of motherhood. But I would like to believe that as a human, forget being a mother, I would never consider placing a child in harms way; especially not for personal gain. If you don’t want your child there are so many safe places that you could take them. There are so many families fighting to have a child that can’t and you’re blessed with something as precious as a life and you knowingly place it in harms way. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to fathom that.  Oh yeah and another thing that irks me about this case is everyone keeps talking about how pretty she was and why did it have to happen to such a beautiful little girl. Would it suit you better if the little girl wasn’t “pretty”…I’m sorry I just don’t understand how the way she looks has anything to do with ANYTHING. I don’t care what she looked like, that’s something that NO CHILD should have to endure especially not at the hands of their mother. That’s all I’ll say about that.             

Not long after I was reading about little Miss Davis I came across another story about a man killing his son for supposedly molesting his 3 year old half-sister. I proceed to read the comments under the story and a majority of the people were calling the father a monster. From what I understood from the comments, the fact that the young man was his son was what made him a “Monster”. To be quite honest, in my book the 15year old is the monster. Anyone that would inappropriately touch a child is a Monster.  I’m not condoning the fathers’ actions, but at the same time I understand how he could have “snapped”. I’d honestly like to say I wouldn’t have killed my own child. I’d like to say I would have just talked to him and let him know that this can NEVER EVER happen again, but I can’t stand flat footed and say that would have been my response. I mean who’s to say how long that’s been going on? Who’s to say he would have ever stopped? I’m sorry but you can say what you want, I think he was being a father…protecting his daughter. Granted it was an extremely drastic way of protecting her and the fact that he killed the young man “execution style” is rather hard to process, but I honestly can’t call the man a monster. Was he wrong? VERY! Could he have found another way to punish the young man? OF COURSE! But a monster….I can’t agree with that one.

Then I received an email with the subject “Unbelievable.”  I opened up the email thinking I was going to see some amazing pictures or read about how someone was miraculously saved from a car accident. Boy was I wrong. It was a link to a Memphis news station that was reporting about a 9year old little girl performing oral sex on an 8year old boy in the school library. Apparently the young man tried to tell but was asked if he was telling on himself? Basically the librarian was telling him that snitching wasn’t cool, even if you’re in an uncomfortable situation. At first I was upset with the Librarian for ignoring him, but the more I thought about it, the more upset I became with the little girls parents…or lack there of. I understand kids are being exposed to sex a lot earlier on in life than we were, but at the same time, for her to force herself on him is mind boggling. I know most men will read this and think it’s cool or “He’s the man” Quite frankly I think it’s repulsive. She’s in school to learn, not to practice becoming the next Superhead. Maybe I’m just old school but 8 and 9 year olds should not being kissing, fondling, or having sex. Their bodies aren’t even developed. This whole scenario raises so many questions. What has this little girl been exposed to? Has she been forced to do this before? Are her parents encouraging this behavior? Is this the first guy she’s done it too at school? (Maybe the other guys thought it was cool) There are so many thoughts running through my mind. Parents are quick to blame BET for their child’s behavior but there has to come a time when parents take accountability for what they’re teaching (not teaching) their children.

Last year I found out that a high school friend had gotten her tubes tied and she hadn’t had any children. When I asked her about this she stated that she didn’t want to risk bringing a child into this crazy world; so when she reached an age where the doctors would perform the procedure, she went for it. I looked at her and her mother like they were crazy. What woman doesn’t want children…ever? I mean I for one don’t want any right now, but once I’m married I would love to have children. Anyhoo, every time I saw her after the procedure I felt like she cheated herself out of something so precious, so wonderful, so life changing….then I come across stories like these and I understand why she made the decision. Granted I wouldn’t go to that extreme because I think children are a gift from God, but for the first time I understood why. I’m beyond disgusted. I’ve been shaking my head the whole time trying to write this. There is so much I want to say but just reading the words on this page is making me sick. I’m done!

One thought on “Beyond Disgusted

  1. I am a mother, my son is 3 years old and I am really hunted by shanyia’s murdder. I feel very sad and upset and can’t believe that a human can do that to a little angel, seing her pictures when she was carried by that bloody criminal made me cry, as a mother, can’t understand what kind of nasty mother she had, I am glad to know that shanyia’s killer was sentenced to death, however, the pain and sorrows caused by that little angel death will hunt me forever . God blesses her soul
    What is really happening to some parents nowadays that something I can’t really understand , I read about Bryeon hunter’s murrder that is awful and painful just as shanyia’s case, the mother and her boyfriend, killing a 21 months old little boy!!! Imagining the pain he got through make me feel sick.
    One day I saw vedio on YouTube about a new born monkey and a lion who attacked the monkey’s mother without knowing she was pregnant , when she died, the lion came close to her to eat her but realized a strange noise and movement , the lion came close and found a new born monkey, instead of eating the dead mother, the lion decided to look after the monkey baby!! I am just wondering where is this mercy on humans !!!!!!!!

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