Aye Yo Ma

Dear Guy in the Burnt Orange Car,

Today as I was coming out of the store you attempted to get my attention by yelling “d@mn shawty, you sexy as hell, you gotta man ma?” Once you noticed that I wasn’t paying you any attention you then yelled “ma ma aye yo ma, I’m talking to you with your sexy a$$.” Then you had the audacity say “f@*k you” while speeding off once I ignored you…Now I’m not sure of the class of women you’re used to dealing with, but I don’t answer to bird calls. My parents did not name me pist, aye yo, shawty, and I don’t have any children so I won’t answer to “ma” either.

So since you don’t seem to know how to talk to women, I figured instead of bashing you, which was my initial thought, I’m going give you a couple pointers on how to approach a woman. The operative word being WOMAN. Now I’ll give you credit, you did attempt to give me a compliment, however the compliment that you were “attempting” to give was overshadowed by the ignorance that followed before, during and after. It’s okay to tell a woman she’s sexy, it’s ok to ask how she’s doing, but leave the ignorance elsewhere. We don’t want to hear you talking to us like we’re a piece of meat. Maybe next time you could start with “Hi my name is (state your name, no nick names please) and you are???” Show her that you have a vocabulary bigger than a kindergartner. If for some reason she turns you down or doesn’t give you the response you thought she should, don’t disrespect her. Still show her the respect you would want a man to show your mother, sister, aunt, or daughter.

Hope I’ve helped…Hope it’s not too late…

BTW my name is Rachelle or Danielle, depending on the day.


Rachelle Danielle

2 thoughts on “Aye Yo Ma

  1. Leaves a bad taste in your mouth or at least mine, women are just looked at as a prize or notch on the belt. I don’t understand it and would love to know who in the hell raised you? Excuse my profane language but that disgusts me. Have some manners about yourself and treat others the way you would want to be treated but then that raises the question…If I approached you in the same demeanor what would be the response? Some of these hoodlums need a school year in manners.. just my opinion on the matter!

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